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Ms. Coronado's Class

I am Ms. Coronado and I am so excited to be teaching English II! I am from the small town of New Deal, Texas and I earned my Bachelors degree in English from Texas Tech University. Some of my hobbies include playing/watching sports, volunteering, and reading.


Something I love about literature is its ability to tell stories from different points of view, draw emotion, and be rooted from anyplace imaginable. I love seeing pieces of myself and those I love in literature, and I hope my students are able to have that same experience in my classroom.


I am excited to see what the 2023- 2024 school year brings us!

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1st Period - ENGL II 5th Period - ENGL II
2nd Period - ENGL II 6th Period - ENGL II
3rd Period - ENGL II 7th Period - ENGL II
4th Period - Conference 8th Period - Conference
Composition notebook
Pencils/ Pens
Kleenex box 
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