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Frenship High School


What is LEO?
In April of 2019, Frenship High School students were given the opportunity to join LEO, a youth organization of the Lions Club International. LEO stands for Leadership, Experience and Opportunity, and through the organization students will be able to make a positive impact during rewarding community service projects. LEO also helps students develop valuable skills in project organization, time management and leadership while discovering how teamwork and cooperation can bring exciting changes to the community. 
While the Frenship LEOs have not been in existence very long, they are already making a difference and touching lives throughout the community. 
In less than a year, students have volunteered their time for events such as Angel Tree, Pancake Festival, St. Jude's Fundraiser, Stuffed Animal Collection and the Diabetes Walk. With 60 students, the club hopes to continue growing in numbers and community service projects. 
2022-23 Officers:
President: Brooklyn Turner
Vice President: Dylan Luong
Secretary: Alex Marshall
Treasurer: Kendall Page
If you are interested in joining LEO you can pick up an application in room 1014 or 1130. Or contact one of the LEO sponsors for more information.