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Frenship High School

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Hello my name is Coral Smith. I graduated from Texas Tech University in Fall of 2022. This is my first year teaching at Frenship High School. I am teaching Financial Math and Business Information Management. You can reach me at my email, [email protected]
Bell Schedule
Blue Day
1st Period 9:00-10:32
2nd Period 10:38-12:48
3rd Period 12:54-2:24
4th Period 2:30-4:00
Gold Day
5th Period 9:00-10:32
6th Period 10:38-12:48
7th Period 12:54-2:24
8th Period 2:30-4:00
Class Schedule
Blue Day
1st Period BIM
2nd Period Financial Math
3rd Period BIM
4th Period Conference
Gold Day
5th Period Conference
6th Period BIM
7th Period BIM
8th Period BIM
Office: (806) 319-6825
Conference: 4th/ 5th Period
Room: CT 12