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     Privileged to begin my sixth year of teaching at Frenship High School.  I have taught all grades in a variety of courses including Principles of Health Science, Medical Terminology, Phlebotomy, Pharmacy Technician and Pathophysiology thus far.     
     As a Registered Nurse of more than twenty years, I pursued nursing as a career from an introduction course much like Principles of Health Science. As a result, I am passionate about exposing students to all that the healthcare field has to offer.  Although a career in the medical field is not for matter a student's professional choice...I believe students will always reap benefits from the exposure. My goal is to instill properties of quality, workplace professionalism while equipping students to be an informed consumer of healthcare. 
     Thankful, I am, for the opportunity to share time and knowledge with students about a field of study I so dearly love. 
Mrs. Powell's Schedule is as follows:  Medical Terminology 1st and 3rd periods, Pathophysiology/Phlebotomy 4th period, Pharmacy Technician Practicum 5th and 6th periods, Principles of Health Science 8th period. 
Conference Periods are 2nd and 7th
A note previously published by Mr. Hernandez for this school year for your reference,