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Frenship High School

Patty Estep

My name is Patty Estep and I have been with Frenship ISD since 2004.  I teach both Dual Credit Sociology and Dual Credit Psychology.  In addition, I am an assistant tennis coach (JV) .  I have my Masters in Sociology from Texas Tech, as well as a Certificate in the Teaching of Psychology from Angelo State University. 
During this time of remote learning, all assignments will be on Schoology.  Students will find a folder each Sunday evening which will give instructions for that entire week.  This folder will include an instructor video, power point, assignment, quiz and discussion board.  I will communicate with students through Remind and Schoology (be sure student has notifications turned on!) as well as email.  My email is
Feel free to contact me anytime!! 
Class Schedule Fall Semester
Blue Day                                                                                 
Per. 1 -Dual Credit Psychology                                                
Per. 2 - Dual Credit Psychology                                                 
Per. 3. - JV Tennis                                                                       
Per. 4. - Conference                                                                    
Gold Day
Per. 5 - Dual Credit Psychology
Per. 6 - Dual Credit Psychology
Per. 7 - Conf/Lunch
Per. 8 - Dual Credit Psychology
Required Textbook: Psychology by S.K. Ciccarelli and J.N. White, 4th edition
Class Schedule Spring Semester
Blue Day                                                                                       
Per. 1. Dual Credit Sociology                                                       
Per. 2 - Dual Credit Sociology                                                      
Per. 3. - JV Tennis                                                                       
Per. 4 - Conference                                                                      
Gold Day
Per. 5 - Dual Credit Sociology
Per. 6 - Dual Credit Sociology
Per. 7 - Conf./Lunch
Per. 8  - Dual Credit Sociology
Required Textbook: Sociology:  A Down-to-Earth Approach, 13th ed. by James Henslin