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Twitter for Educators

Getting started and growing a Personal Learning Network (PLN) on Twitter can be a confusing and time consuming endeavor. This site is to serve as a resource to help you get started in using Twitter in your classroom.

Hashtags and Twitter Chats

A hashtag is any word on twitter that starts with the # (pound) sign. Hash tags make it easier to search and follow the twitter conversions on specific topics.

How it works is everyone agrees to use a standard hash tag in their tweets when they tweet about a specific topic. Then you set up a search for that hashtag using your twitter client, or use twitter search tools such as Twitter Search, Topsy, or Tagboard to track the conversations.

Commonly used educational hashtags
Twitter Chat
Twitter chats are where educators meet at a set 'meeting time' to engage in virtual conversations by sending out tweets on a topic using a designated hashtag during a specific time on a certain day. Most twitter chats for about an hour.

During the twitter chat you'll see educators tweet their responses in real time. The best way to participate in a Twitter chat is to set up a twitter search for the hashtag in a client like TweetDeck, Hootsuite or in the Twitter app on your mobile device.

Complete list of weekly Twitter Chats