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Dana Vinson » Dana Vinson

Dana Vinson

My name is Dana Vinson.  This will be my seventh year with the Frenship family and am looking forward to another great year!  We continue to strive to make our automotive program the best that can be offered to our students.  We continue to add more equipment, tooling, and make updates to curriculum to keep up with the ever evolving world of automotive service. 

The automotive service industry is a fast paced industry that requires technical thinking skills and the ability to evolve with the technology.  It also requires that a person be self motived, calm under pressure, and able to work well with other people.  Most technicians now have to communicate with customers, other members of the industry and they must be willing to put themselves in the public eye.  These courses take a holistic approach to the automotive industry as a whole by introducing students to not only the technical aspects of auto repair, but also in estimate writing, customer service skills, shop management, and technical narrative writing.  We also place a heavy emphasis on mathematics, electrical/electronics theory, electrical troubleshooting and repair.
Blue Days
 1st Period Automotive Basics 9:00-10:32 
2nd period Auto1 10:38-12:18 (C lunch)
3rd period Conference 12:48-2:24
4th period Auto 1 2:30-4:00
Gold Days
5th Period  Conference 9:00-10:32
6th period Auto Basics 10:38-12:18
7th and 8th periods (combined) Automotive Technology 12:54-4:00