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Frenship High School

Mark Your Calendars for the Frenship Blood Drive

For the past 10 years, Frenship High School has held two blood drives a year for United Blood Services resulting in 2,071 units of blood with each unit being capable of helping three individual lives. 
This year, FHS is hoping to continue to be "one of the best drives in Lubbock," according to United Blood Services, and give back a large amount of the life-saving gift. 
CTE Coordinator, Amy Baker, said this is such a unique way to help serve neighbors and friends. She said with the past support from students, staff, alumni and parents in previous years, she is sure Frenship will make a life-saving impact. 
"We have all known someone in our lives who has needed blood to survive," said Baker. "It could be leukemia, childbirth, a chronic illness, car accident or an emergency surgery. If blood is not available when someone needs it, they can literally lose their life."
This year's first drive will be December 10th and 11th from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Frenship High School Student Center. Anyone over the age of 16 who is healthy and meets the criteria to donate, is able to sign-up for an appointment. 
If you are interested, you can schedule an appointment online at and enter the sponsor code "Frenship."
For any questions regarding eligibility, potential donors can reach out to Vitalant - the local blood provider.
FHS Blood Drive
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