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Frenship High School

Counselor Home Page

Mission Statement: To provide support and guidance to all students as a means to foster academic success, post-secondary and career preparation, and personal/social development while empowering students to maximize their opportunity for choice.
If you need to speak with your counselor or set up an appointment, please use "Email Now" or fill out the "Sign up to See" referral form below.  Your counselor is determined alphabetically by your last name. Counselor Office Hours are 8:00 am - 4:10 pm, Monday-Friday. 

Frenship High School Counselors

Sara King 
10th-12th, A - C
Ext. 1319
Deanna Schulte
10th-12th, D-He
Ext. 1320
Tonya Canchola 
10th-12th, Hf-Moo
Ext. 1318
  Nicki Morrison 
Lead Counselor
10th-12th, Mop - R
Ext. 1317
Crisis Phone Lines


Paula Bradley
Administrative Assistant Advanced Academics & Counseling 
Ext. 1321
Linda Whistler
Ext. 1324
Fax # 806-866-2156
Karen Nettles
Administrative Assistant
Ext. 1325
Eudolia Braddock
Campus Intervention Specialist (504/Testing Coordinator)
Ext. 1323
Keely Garland 
Communities in Schools
Site Coordinator
D'Lynn Reed
Diagnostician Grades 12, 11 M-Z, Reese, Focus
Ext. 1425
Kasey Freeman
Diagnostician Grades 10, 11 A-L, Life Skills
Ext. 1424