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Frenship High School

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Mission & Vision

About Frenship High School
Frenship High School is located just west of Lubbock, Texas with an enrollment of approximately 2,700 students. FHS has a long history of academic excellence and innovative programs that meet the needs of its student body. Students at FHS can earn college credit through the various Advanced Placement and Dual Credit courses that are offered each year.
Vision Statement
Pride through excellence, perseverance, and integrity. 
Mission Statement
The mission of the Frenship Schools is to educate all students to their highest level of academic ability, while fostering positive development of their health, attitudes, and behaviors, so that each individual student may make a positive contribution to our democratic society.
Academic Excellence
Frenship High School was awarded the Bronze Award for academic excellence in the 2015 Best High School Rankings released by U.S. News. Frenship High joins an elite group as one of the top rated schools of the more than 21,150 public high schools nationwide. The award was based on our campus's mathematics proficiency score of 2.8 and an English proficiency score of 2.9. FHS also received a score of 15.8 in the College Readiness Index.