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Welcome to Business Professionals of America!

Business Professionals of America is the leading CTSO (Career and Technical Student Organization) for students pursuing careers in business management, office administration, information technology and other related career fields. BPA has 45,000 members in over 1,800 chapters in 25 states and Puerto Rico. BPA is a co-curricular organization that supports business and information technology educators by offering co-curricular exercises based on national standards.

Why join BPA?

As a student, you have many options to consider during the school year; you weigh the extracurricular activities that are available and determine what opportunities will offer you the growth and experiences you will need for your future.

  • Are you interested in gaining leadership experience?
  • Do you want to begin building for your future?
  • Are you interested in having fun and making friends?

Business Professionals of America members are exposed to opportunities that offer real value to the community while simultaneously providing a vehicle to develop and improve academic knowledge, 21st century skills, and a broader sense of social conscience and community awareness.

Join your Frenship High School Business Professionals of America chapter TODAY and open the door to opportunity!

What is our mission?

Our mission at Business Professionals of America is to develop and empower student leaders to discover their passion and change the world by creating unmatched opportunities in learning, professional growth and service.

What is our vision?

Our vision for Business Professionals of America is: To be an innovator in Career and Technical Education, providing our members with opportunities for growth through education, competition, community service and personal development.