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Frenship High School

Student Spotlight: Ose Olumese and Sydnie Nabonne

How did it feel to win Homecoming Queen/King?
"It felt very unreal as if they were about to say sike." - Sydnie 
"It felt GREAT becoming homecoming king because it shows that I’m much appreciated by Frenship High School." - Ose

What was your favorite part of homecoming?

"My favorite part was the pep rally and getting to dance with Ose." - Sydnie
"My favorite part of homecoming was dancing to Michael Jackson with Sydnie and getting called Hoco King on the football field." - Ose


What activities are you involved in?

"I’m involved in theatre, bell crew, and I sign the National anthem at school events." - Sydnie
"Here at Frenship High School, I am involved with different extracurricular activities - basketball, track, and simply being involved with the high school’s activities." - Ose


What's your favorite thing about Frenship?

"My favorite thing about Frenship is all the things you can be a part of." - Sydnie
"My favorite thing about Frenship is the people. The students, teachers, coaches, and everybody are just great and amazing people that I’m glad I’m always around with." - Ose

What are you looking forward to for the rest of your senior year?

"I’m excited for the rest of the pep rallies and one-act play!" - Sydnie
"What I’m looking forward to about this year is what the future holds for academics, sports, and having fun in school." - Ose
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