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Frenship High School Students Watch Live Drone Demonstration

Drone technology is still relatively new, but it is beginning to be applied to a variety of businesses and industries. The applications in industries are creating new potential career opportunities, and students in several of Frenship CTE programs had the opportunity to learn firsthand about the emerging field.   
The Matador Uncrewed Aerial System (UAS) Consortium, which was co-developed by Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center and 2THEDGE, LLC presented a live demonstration to Frenship High School students simulating a drone delivery of laboratory samples on November 15, 2022. 
Matador UAS Consortium is hoping to use drones to expedite and facilitate the delivery of healthcare in the Lubbock region. Drones have many potential applications in the medical field – from transporting lab samples to delivering life-saving organs. The concept of drone organ delivery first saw success in 2019, when the first drone organ delivery took place in Baltimore, Maryland. 
For the demonstration, a MissionGO MGV100 Aircraft followed a pre-programmed flight pattern to simulate a drone delivery of laboratory samples. While the flight was pre-programmed, it was also monitored by a pilot on the ground with controls, who explained each step of the flight to the students. The students were also able to hear from Ty Harmon, CEO and Chief of Technology Recon at 2THEDGE, about:
  •  STEM Education paths to accelerate the aerospace, defense, and commercial UAS development.
  • Certificate, Technical and Associate Degrees toward new high-paying roles in the maintenance of UAS sensors, platforms, and infrastructure
  • The role of data analytics and science to turn sensor outputs into business outcomes
Keith Patrick, Director of Strategic Initiatives for Frenship ISD, shared that the District works to expose students to potential future career opportunities.  

“As educators, we are always looking for innovative ways to prepare students for a future workplace and jobs that don’t yet exist. STEM Education opportunities like partnering with Matador UAS Consortium help enrich our students’ understanding of technology and its future applications as they consider their own path toward post-graduate success,” said Patrick