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Frenship High School

Talking with Tigers – Rachel Ramirez

Why do you think it is important for Frenship students to learn and celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month? 

I believe it is important for Frenship students to learn about Hispanic Heritage Month so students can be culturally aware and see the world through a different lens. 

National Hispanic Heritage Month is September 15 – October 15. What are some of the things our Frenship staff and students are doing to celebrate the history and culture? 

Frenship High School and Talkington School for Girls are celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month on October 7th. Spanish Club and different student organizations will be hosting this event at the Frenship High School cafeteria. There will be games, activities, music, and food made by FHS’s Culinary class.    

Describe the Dual Language Program and explain the impact it has on the students who go through it. 

The Dual Language Program serves students whose native language is Spanish. This program offers classroom instruction in Spanish and English. As students continue through the program and reach high school, they have an opportunity to obtain a Biliteracy Seal on their diploma. This means they have taken all the course work required to be considered bilingual and biliterate. Students also have opportunities to apply for specific scholarships because they are bilingual. Once students have graduated and obtained the biliteracy seal, they are able to add this to their resume as they enter the workforce or as they apply for college or a university. 

At Frenship, we serve students of 38 different languages. Describe how we serve these students and why it is important that we continue to support the program. 

Our ESL and Dual language teachers do a phenomenal job teaching our students. ESL teachers utilize different strategies to teach English to students. They make content comprehensible through different strategies, such as visual aids, building background knowledge and sometimes native language support. Dual language teachers also use strategies, but they are teaching students in English and in their Native Language- Spanish. As Dual language students keep their native language, Spanish, they are also learning English. It is important to support both these programs because students bring their culture and traditions that other students can learn about. In doing so, all students are valued at Frenship ISD.