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Mr. Samuel Soto


Hello, my name is Samuel Soto. I am the instructor for Law Enforcement I, Law Enforcement II, and Court Systems and Practices. I am starting my second year at Frenship and am extremely excited to teach these courses in such a key time in our nation’s history. Although there will be barriers, I know we will have a great school year.


Previously I worked 15 years in the Criminal Justice Field with stops in Law Enforcement, Corrections/Supervision, and Intelligence. I graduated from Texas Tech University with a BA in History (Military History), and minor in Political Science (emphasis on Terrorism Studies). I have also spent about 20yrs in service of my Nation and State in the Military with approximately 4 years Active and Active Guard Service, and the rest of my time in the Guard. I am a single father of three great kids, one Junior and one Freshman at Texas Tech, and one High School Junior. I am also a dad to three rescue dogs who run my house.


I have a love for learning, and teaching students, and passing on information and lessons learned in my field. My goal is not to just funnel students into the Criminal Justice field. My goal is to educate each student regardless of their future employment ambitions about the criminal justice field, and to open their minds to what the criminal justice field is and its role in our society.



Any and all virtual learning will be conducted through Schoology, and if you have any questions please feel free to email me at


I use the Remind App as well for student contact and class updates.


School Schedule


1st – Law Enforcement II

2nd - Conference

3rd – Court Systems and Practices

4th - Law Enforcement II



5th – Law Enforcement I

6th – Law Enforcement I

7th – Law Enforcement I

8th - Conference