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Frenship High School

Mrs. Jennifer Smith

My name is Jennifer Smith and I am one of three dance teachers for our district.  I grew up in the Dallas area and moved to Lubbock in 1989.  I graduated from Texas Tech University with a BS in Speech and Hearing Sciences, a minor in Family Studies, and a teaching certificate in Dance, Physical Education, and Life/Earth Sciences.  My husband and I have two sons that both graduated from Frenship High School and then from Texas Tech University.  This is my 17th year teaching dance at Frenship High School and my 27th year in education.  I will be teaching Jazz I and Jazz III/IV.  I have been dancing since I was three years old.  I love dance and I love high school kids which makes my job perfect for me :) 
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Class Schedule:
Blue Day Late Start (Mondays Only):                 Blue Day (Tuesday-Friday): 
9:20-10:46    1st Period - 9GC Jazz 1 (at FHS)        9:00-10:32     1st Period - 9GC Jazz 1 (at FHS)
10:52-12:18  2nd Period - 9GC Jazz 1 (at FHS)      10:38-12:18   2nd Period - 9GC Jazz 1 (at FHS)
12:18-12:48  C Lunch                                               12:18-12:48    C Lunch
12:54-2:24    3rd Period - CONFERENCE               12:54-2:24      3rd Period - CONFERENCE
2:30-4:00      4th Period - Jazz 3/4                            2:30-4:00       4th Period - Jazz 3/4
Gold Day Late Start (Mondays Only):                 Gold Day (Tuesday-Friday):
9:20-10:46    5th Period - Jazz 1                               9:00-10:32     5th Period - Jazz 1
10:52-12:18  6th Period - Jazz 1                               10:52-12:18   6th Period - Jazz 1
12:18-12:48  C Lunch                                                12:18-12:48   C Lunch
12:54-2:24    7th Period - Jazz 3/4                            12:54-2:24     7th Period - Jazz 3/4 
2:30-4:00      4th Period - CONFERENCE                 2:30-4:00       4th Period - CONFERENCE