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Frenship High School

Maria Nunez-Tabares

My Name is Maria Nunez-Tabares. I am a 2016 Texas Tech Graduate born in Lubbock Texas. 2023 -2024 will be my 7th year of teaching at Frenship, I will be teaching Spanish 2 Honors, Spanish 2, Spanish 1 and Dual Language Environmental Systems. I am also the co-sponsor for Spanish Club. I am excited and looking forward to working with all my students and their parents! I am looking forward having an amazing school year!
Blue day
1st - Spanish 2
2nd - Spanish 2 Honors
3rd - Dual Language Environmental Systems
4th - Conference
Gold day
5th - Conference
6th - Spanish 1
7th - Spanish 2
8th - Spanish 2
Students can view my syllabus bellow, assignments and other instructional materials by going to my Schoology Page