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Frenship High School

Misty Whitton Laxson

My name is Misty Whitton Laxson. I teach AP Calculus and AP Statistics at Frenship High School.  
I spent the majority of my childhood in the Frenship Schools (we moved to Wolfforth in 1984, when I was going in to the 2nd grade).  I graduated from Frenship High School.  
I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in both English and Mathematics from Texas Tech.  In the 21 years I have been with the district, I have taught everything from Algebra I to English III to AP Calculus at Frenship High school.  This is my 10th year to teach AP Calculus and my 4th to teach AP Statistics.
2020-2021 Class Schedule
Blue Day
1st - AP Calculus
2nd - Conference
3rd - AP Calculus
4th - AP Calculus
Gold Day
5th - Conference
6th - AP Statistics
7th - AP Statistics
8th - AP Statistics
We will use Schoology quite a bit this year in both Calculus and Statistics! Log in for class assignments, notes, and announcements!