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Frenship High School

Frenship Floral Design Opens Annual Flower of the Month Club

At Frenship High School, one of the Agricultural Science classes offered to the students is Floral Design and Advanced Floral Design. In these classes, students learn to analyze floral designs, as well as prepare floral arrangements for specific occasions.  

Students in the advanced Floral Design course to utilize their knowledge in a way that showcases their skills to Frenship staff members who join their Flower of the Month Club 

Each month, the themed arrangements will be designed and arranged by students in the Advanced Floral Design class. Members of the Flower of the Month Club are able to purchase the arrangements at wholesale cost, with the money going right back into the classroom to purchase materials and supplies for the students to continue practicing their floral design skills. 

This program is designed to give students extra experience beyond the financial limits of the class. It gives them experience with using different design techniques taught in the advanced course that would be found in Floral Shops. 

There are a total of 60 spots available for Frenship ISD administration and staff. If you would like to join the club, email Kelsea Jones at [email protected]