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Below you will find information we discussed at our Madrigal parent meeting:


  • What is the dinner?
    • The dinner is a Renaissance-themed event. It is a scripted catered dinner during which meal, wassail (like spiced cider punch), and dessert are all served timed to the script. The kids sing throughout and there is a jester that emcees the event. There is also an interactive element for the guests. Think Medieval Times without the horses and more singing! 
  • Schedule
    • Call times for the week of Madrigal Dinner


DECEMBER 4-8 – Madrigal full run-throughs in Frenship HS Choir Room

Call time- right after school, done by 8pm. Begin donning costumes and using hats.

We will do headshots this week for the program with anyone that has a complete costume ready. We will post a list! All students are required to be present!

DECEMBER 11-14 – Madrigal Full Dress rehearsal 

Full costumes

Call time 5:30pm - 9:30pm (plan to grab something for dinner on the way to the church).

Broadway Church of Christ (1924 Broadway – Lubbock, TX)

We will finish headshots this week for the program! All students are required to be present!


DECEMBER 14, 15, & 16 – Madrigal Dinner Performances @ 6:30PM

Call time – 4:30pm (get there as soon as possible after school)

Broadway Church of Christ (1924 Broadway – Lubbock, TX). (PENDING BOOKING)

Dinner is provided to students by booster parents these three nights.

  • Needs for the dinner:
    • Many hands make the work light!
    • Since we do our dinner in a space off campus, we need help transporting our set and costumes. We will need help setting up and decorating the space as well as resetting each night so we can be ready for the next show. We will need help breaking it all down and getting it back to the high school. We will need help with snacks, water, and dinner for the students. We will need help backstage with plating and serving our guests throughout the dinner.
    • Specific sign-up needs will be posted here when made available.
  • Background checks required for all volunteers. Anyone that helps and will be around students must have a completed one on file with the district. We will need those submitted right away. That form is linked at the top under FISD Volunteer Form
  • Stay up to date on your student’s Madrigal schedule and needs by signing up for the Madrigal parent reminds:
    • Freshman Madrigals – text 81010 this message: @fhsfm2022
    • HS Madrigals – text 81010 this message: @42792b2
  • Items students need to provide for their costumes:
    • GUYS- plain white undershirt, 2-3 pairs of black thick dance tights (with the foot intact, NOT leggings), black plain loafer-type dress shoes.
    • GIRLS- plain white camisole, plain black ballet slipper-type shoes.


Thank you!

Amy Moss

Frenship HS Choir