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Mrs. Heather Byars

This will be my 21st year teaching, and I am so excited for this year. I love Speech and Debate and how every student can find a place to excel and shine in this program.  The skills and confidence that are learned and the fun that is had in this class reach far beyond the classroom: students learn to listen, see arguments from both sides, and get to be creative and express themselves. These are talents and skills that will serve them throughout their life.  
A little bit about me: I am married to Dr. Matthew Byars who is a professor at Lubbock Christian University.  We have four crazy/wonderful kids. We are both graduates of Lubbock Christian University.  We moved to Atlanta, GA for Matthew to work on his PHD and then moved right back to Lubbock.  We have been back in Lubbock for 15 years. I love being a member of the Frenship Community.  
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Blue Day
1st Period - Debate 1
2nd Period - Debate 1
3rd Period - Debate 1
4th Period - Off 
Gold Day
5th Period - Debate 1 (Ninth Grade Center)
6th Period - Off
7th Period - Advanced Debate
8th Period - Debate 1