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Frenship High School

Deanna Tapley

My name is Deanna Tapley.  I am starting my 31st year in education and my 18th year at Frenship High School.  I graduated from Eastern New Mexico University with a bachelor of science in mathematics composite.
2023-2024 Class Schedule:
1st Period - Conference
2nd Period - Intermediate Algebra
3rd Period - Intermediate Algebra
4th Period - Pre-College Algebra
5th Period - Conference
6th Period - Algebra II
7th Period - Algebra II
8th Period - Algebra II
Paper for notes (Intermediate Algebra only)
Binder with dividers (3 sections) probably 1.5-2" (required for Intermediate Algebra recommended for Algebra II and Pre-College Algebra but not required)
Box of tissue 
Roll of paper towels (Intermediate Algebra only)
Package of 4 AAA batteries (Algebra II and Pre-College Algebra only)