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construction student working on project

(Intro to Automotive AND Construction)

Prerequisite: None

This course will introduce students to the foundational concepts of automotive technology, construction technology and manufacturing. Students will complete the course in two rotations. One rotation will focus on the interaction between various vehicle systems, logistics, and the components of transportation infrastructure. The other rotation will focus on architecture, construction science, and construction technology. Introduction to hand and power tools as well as shop safety and career skills will be included in both sections.

Prerequisite: Principles of Manufacturing
OSHA General Industry certification as well as the NCCER Carpentry Fundamentals Level1 Certification. Students will also have the opportunity to join the Construction Technology Skills USA chapter and compete in various leadership and construction skills events at the district, state and national levels.

Double Blocked Course

Prerequisite: Construction Technology I

Students receive advanced training in Construction Technology II and will become involved in job analysis and preparation of building materials list for various projects. Students work independently, as well as work as members of a team, and on community service projects. Students may work off-site in the construction of a full home. Students will also have the opportunity to add to their NCCER certification in Construction Technology and be able to compete in the Skills USA events at district, state, and national levels.

Double Blocked Course

Prerequisite: Construction Technology II

Practicum in Construction is designed to provide classroom instruction and on the job training. The course provides specific opportunities for students to participate in learning experiences that combine classroom instruction with actual business and industry experiences. Students in this course must complete a job-related experience and have a personal training plan on record. Students may be asked to participate as a student intern or job shadow.