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Frenship High School

Julia Stephens

Hi!  I am Julia Stephens and so still extremely excited about beginning my 7th year of "full-time" teaching at Frenship High School!!  Prior to teaching US History, I worked as a Certified Sign Language Interpreter for public schools, mostly high schools and a few middle schools, in several districts in Texas for 20 years before going back to college (TTU) and obtaining my Bachelors in History/Secondary Education in 2013, and Masters in History 2015.  I also worked as a TA in the History Department at TTU while focusing on US History, namely Revolutionary Period,  and 20th Century race relations in sports and music, and I thoroughly look forward to my continuing journey here!  I LOVE 20th century history!!
I've been married to my husband, Sam, for 38 years.  We have two sons, Vance, 37, and Zach, 32, as well as a super wonderful grandson, Liam, 9 years old.  I love baseball-my team is the Astros (I was there through their bad years, too!).  I spend my free time watching movies and history docs, and playing with my "puppies,"--10 year old Penny, Aussie/Chessie, and 9 year old Tech, my black lap dog Great Dane!
I have the best job in the world!!! I would not change anything for any reason!!!  I am sooo passionate about US History--and I use every type of style to teach (visual/audio/kinesthetic)--and I am all about making sure that History IS fun!!   I am geeky & am constantly learning more and more about US History!!  I can guarantee, US History will be FUN!!
I look forward to the 2023-24 school year.  My door is always open!!
Students may access assignments done in class on Schoology
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