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I am a teacher with 28 years of experience, including five years teaching for the US military as a DOD Contractor. I also was able to teach in the English (UK) public school system for 3 years. I am excited and privileged to teach at Frenship HS. I am here to both educate and encourage the FHS students to prepare for what is beyond the graduation ceremony; be it higher education, the military, or entering the workforce. I graduated from TTU in 1990 with a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education. In 2014 I was selected by the USAF/USAFA as the Southwest Region Aerospace Teacher of the Year in part for my effort at teaching astronomy to GSA, BSA, and Civil Air Patrol Cadets across the region. Even though I no longer serve in the military, I continue as a volunteer in the United States Air Force Auxiliary (Civil Air Patrol) where I am the only person in the Texas Panhandle certified to lead rescue teams to missing or downed aircraft
Schedule 2018 - 2019
1st - Physics 1 (FHS Rm 1013)
2nd - Conference
3rd - Engineering 1 (Frenship Freshman Campus, Rm 414)
4th - Engineering 1 (Frenship Freshman Campus, Rm 414)
5th - Physics 1 (FHS Rm 1013)
6th - Physics 1 (FHS Rm 1013)
7th - Physics 1 (FHS Rm 1013)
8th - Conference