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Greetings! The AP and dual-credit classes I teach are useful in preparing for a career in medicine or engineering. However, they generally provide an opportunity to develop problem-solving skills.  They should also expose students to the main principles, concepts, and techniques used in the particular science.  My teaching is informed by my experiences in similar or related courses that I took at both Angelo State University and Texas Tech University and also by my experience working at a water plant for almost five years, initially as a laboratory assistant and ultimately as  chemist. I aim to make my class, "the hardest class you'll ever love" (to borrow an old slogan from the Peace Corps).
2nd Period - Dual-credit Chemistry and Chemistry AP
3rd Period  - Physics 1 AP
4th Period  - Physics C AP
5th Period  - Physics 1 AP
6th Period  - Dual-credit Chemistry and Chemistry AP
7th Period  - Dual-credit Chemistry and Chemistry AP
Shopping for school supplies?  Each student in all of my classes should own a scientific calculator.  It'll be easier to use if it can take "algebraic entry." Also, my students will need about 200 pages of paper for taking notes throughout the year. Of course that means you'll need writing utensils (and possibly erasers).
Also, no student in any of my classes should have to purchase a textbook this year. Either the text will be provided by FHS or it can be downloaded for free, depending on the course.