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You can earn 8 hours of Science majors college freshman-level chemistry credit on your ASU transcript by taking Dual Credit Chemistry (Chem 1311,1111 in the Fall and Chem 1312,1112 in the Spring).
Greetings! The Pre-AP, AP and dual-credit Chemistry classes I teach are useful in preparing for a career in medicine or engineering. However, they provide an opportunity to develop general problem-solving skills.  They should also expose students to the main principles, concepts, and techniques used in chemistry.  My teaching is informed by my experiences in courses that I took at both Angelo State University and Texas Tech University and also by my experience working at a water plant for almost five years, initially as a laboratory assistant and ultimately as chemist. I aim to make each of my classes, "the hardest class you'll ever love" (to borrow an old slogan from the Peace Corps).
        Period 2  - AP Chemistry & Chem 1311/1111
        Period 3 - Pre-AP Chemistry
        Period 4 - Pre-AP Chemistry
        Period 5 - Pre-AP Chemistry
        Period 6 - AP Chemistry & Chem 1311/1111
        Period 7  - Pre-AP Chemistry
Your login will be the same for the FISD network, your email, Microsoft 365 (and any Microsoft 365 app such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote, TEAMS...), and Schoology, and will follow the format given below:
Username: first.last     (where ## represents the last 2 digits of your student ID number)
Password: You created this if you've previously used any of these resources in this district before. 
(If you are new, it is:     
  • first three letters of your first name followed by the
  • first three letters of your last name followed by the
  • number for your grade level, such as 10, 11, or 12.
For example: for a junior named John Buck it would be: johbuc11, until he first logged in.  After logging in he would have been prompted to change his password.)
Shopping for school supplies? 
  • Student homework will be completed most efficiently with the use of a devoted calculator.  It'll be easier to use if that calculator can take "algebraic entry." If you are thinking ahead to college and concerning a calculator that you'll be able to use on the ACT, SAT, and on AP exams, you might look at these lists: calculators allowed on the ACT , calculators allowed on the SAT , calculators allowed on AP exams.
  • For the 2023-2024 school year, Frenship ISD will provide you some sort of mobile computer device for you to bring and use in all of your classes.  You will often need to use this in class, so you'll need to bring it with you.  You might strategize how you will carry it. (Note: You will not be allowed to use any internet connected devices in my classroom while taking either a quiz or a test .
  • Also, my students will need about 200 pages of paper for taking notes throughout the year. Of course that means you'll need writing utensils (and possibly erasers).
Also, no student in any of my classes should have to purchase a textbook this year. 
AP and Dual-Credit Chemistry students can download their textbook at the following link:
Most of the online content for my courses will be provided through Schoology.
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