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Related Courses

To get involved in DECA, join one of the following courses:

Prerequisite: None   

This introductory course teaches fundamental concepts of business, marketing and finance as an effort to prepare students for careers in the business/marketing industry. Students will participate in the following units: Sales, Promotion, International Business, Economics, Advertising, Distribution, Branding, Public Relations, Budgeting, Pricing and more. The student will engage in a variety of interactive class activities and projects which directly relate to the business industry. Students will design new products, produce mock radio ads, complete a sales presentation, and write a business plan.  Participation in the co-curricular marketing organization (DECA) is highly encouraged.

Prerequisite: None                                                            

A recent survey given to college students asking the course they wished they had taken in high school showed the most frequent response to be Accounting. Students learn how to work with journals, ledgers, balance sheets, and income and capital statements in the service and merchandising businesses. Accounting is an important course that will prepare you for a job, give you a solid background for any business study in college, and provide you with an understanding of how financial decisions are made.

Prerequisite: Accounting I                                   

In this advanced course, you will apply accounting principles for partnerships, corporations, and integrated financial analysis. Students will use spreadsheet software to create financial statements. Topics covered in Accounting 2 include accruals, prepaid expenses, income received in advance, vouchers, notes receivable and payable, and capital stock. Simulations are utilized to allow students to assume the role of an accountant. This course will build a solid foundation for business majors at the college level or students seeking an entry-level position in accounting. This course fulfills an advanced math credit.

Prerequisite: None

Recommended Co-Requisite: Social Media Marketing

Advertising is a creative introduction to the principles and practices of advertising, marketing, sales and display. Students will gain knowledge of techniques used in current advertising production including print and broadcast media. The class explores the social, ethical and legal issues of advertising, sales strategies; media decision processes, as well as the cultural and historical influences of advertising. The class provides an overview of how communication tools can be used in an attempt to reach target audiences and increase consumer knowledge and overall corporate sales. Students will be responsible for designing new products, producing mock radio ads, completing a sales presentation, etc. 

Prerequisite: None

This interactive business course will help students develop a thorough understanding of the marketing concepts and theories that apply to sports and entertainment events. Areas of focus will include target marketing, sponsorships and endorsements, event and promotional planning, stadium logistics and sports marketing plans. This course will also include elements of team creation and entertainment events such as concerts and award shows. The course is especially applicable to those interested in sports management, business, sales, or the music/movie industry.

Prerequisite: None

Recommended Co-Requisite: Advertising 

Social Media Marketing is designed to look at the rise of social media and how marketers are integrating social media tools in their overall marketing strategy. The course will investigate how the marketing community measures success in the new world of social media. Students will manage a successful social media presence for an organization, understand techniques for gaining customer and consumer buy-in to achieve marketing goals, and properly select social media platforms to engage consumers and monitor and measure the results of these efforts.

Prerequisite: Principles of BMF OR Advertising                          

Students will develop skills necessary to compete in a global economy. Students will coordinate online and off-line marketing strategies; demonstrate critical-thinking skills using decision-making models, case studies, various technologies, and business scenarios. Students will prepare an extensive business project and compete in marketing simulation events as well as manage a portable school store. Participation in DECA is highly recommended for this course. This course meets the local speech requirement for students in the 2021 graduating class and beyond.